Auto-generation of Alt and Title attributes for images

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linkGeneral information

The addon allows establishing <img> HTML-tag alt and title attributes values intended for products, categories, and feature (brand) images display on your shop storefront. The corresponding object value — product, category or feature (brand) — will be used as a value. It is one of the most often demanded points which includes while any online store SEO-audit.

Also for containing several images product, it is possible to display the image serial number.

The addon is compatible with the following versions of CS-Cart:

  • CS-Cart 4.10.x and higher;
  • Multi-Vendor 4.10.x and higher.

Addon don't compatible with addon Power labels from Cart-Power developer (need to manually add hook-s).


General technical support conditions are available at this link (be sure to review these conditions, all solutions from the AlexBranding development team come with limited technical support).

In order to use our technical support, you need to:

  1. Log in with your order owner account on;
  2. Go to the page My Account → Orders;
  3. Find the corresponding order with the problem add-on in the orders list and pass to its details;
  4. Find the “Support” link next to the corresponding add-on name (near you can find Documentation link also) and click on it;
  5. Fill in the data with the problem, provide access to your CS-Cart installation (path to the administration panel, admin mail, admin password + FTP access) and create a ticket (after you will create the ticket, you will receive an e-mail and a special code to track the ticket in the future);
  6. Wait for the specialist answer in accordance with the regulations of the technical support service and the priority of your ticket.

If you didn't receive an answer within the deadlines, according to the chosen ticket priority, send e-mail with the ticket number, for which you did not receive an answer in time, and the team manager will solve the problem in compliance with regulations.

Technical support by telephone calls and direct e-mails is not provided. Any help comes through tickets and helpdesk. Carefully learn documentation and technical support conditions before creating a request.

linkRestrictions and warnings

We recommend to note general restrictions:

  1. All solutions from AlexBranding developers team require pre-installation of the AB: Addons Manager service addon. It is delivered free of charge and is responsible for such services: installation, upgrades, license verifications. Excluding this service addon usage is not possible;
  2. Addon files may have a closed (encoded) part, in which only a license check is located;
  3. The addon will work only on those domains, that are specified in the user's license. If you try to use the solution on CS-Cart installations, whose domains are not included in the license, the addon will be automatically turned off;
  4. Local installation is not possible, so that the addon works on the additional domain (subdomain), enter this domain (subdomain) in the Domain field, when ordering (or write to - adding technical domains for the developing or for testing is always free.



After your order has been processed by our manager, it will be transferred to Completed state, you will receive an email to your mailbox with ordered addons license numbers (usually it takes from 15 minutes to 8 hours depending on the day time and week day).

Next, follow the steps below:

  1. Check your mail inbox;
  2. Find a letter with theme Licenses for AlexBranding addons, and open it;
  3. From the link in the letter download special service addon AB: Addons Manager;
  4. Install AB: Addons Manager (standard for CS-Cart installation: Add-ons → Manage add-ons → [+] Upload & install add-on), downloaded on previous step;
  5. Go to the administration panel AB: Addons → AB: Addons Manager;
  6. On the page AB: List of available sets/addons you will see all available for this domain addons;
  7. Click Install button to install addon. During installation the system will automatically define the latest version compatible with your version of the CS-Cart platform;
  8. Addon is installed, continue to work with the documentation (configure the addon and check its functionality).

You can also install the addon with a standard installation for CS-Cart. To do this, download the appropriate archive with an addon version compatible with your version of the CS-Cart platform.
Go to the website, log in under the account of the order holder and go to the page My Profile → Orders → Relevant Order, go to details and you will see a list of available archives for the ordered addon. Download the version (archive) you need and make the installation (standard for CS-Cart installation: Add-ons → Manage add-ons → [+] Upload & install add-on).

Service addon AB: Addons Manager must be installed and have Active status.


For access to the add-on settings go to the page Administration panel → Add-ons → Manage add-ons and in the list click the add-on name, the pull-down window with its settings will be opened.

Addon settings page

linkHow to update

To have possibility to update an addon, you must have an active subscription period for addon license.

AB: Addons Manager will notify you about available updates (you will see an indicator of new alerts). The recommended way is to update via the CS-Cart Upgrade center (a regular procedure of the platform). This method will allow lossless configuration of the transition to the new addon version, that is guaranteed to be compatible with your CS-Cart platform version.

Before updating, always make a full database and your store files backup (we recommend backing up using server or hosting tools).

To make updates procedure:

  1. Go to the Administration panel → Administration → Upgrade center;
  2. Find the appropriate update among the available updates and click the Update button;
  3. Follow all the instructions, that will be shown during the upgrade procedure;
  4. Clear CS-Cart cache and start using new addon version.

If you have an earlier version of the addon (without the Upgrade center support)

linkList of releases

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v3.0.1 from 15 May 2020

Functionality changes:
[~] The add-on code was optimized for speed.

Bug fixes:
[!] After upgrading from version 2.0.2 to 3.0.0, there were no numbers of products images on the storefront. Fixed.

v3.0.0 from 23 April 2020

Attention! When updating the add-on to the version v3.0.0 change the placeholder [no] on the new placeholder [image_num].

New features and improvements:
[+] Added the page "AB: Add-ons → AB: Auto-generation of Alt and Title attributes for images → Attributes management" to manage attributes of the tag.
[+] Added Ukrainian language support.

Functionality changes:
[~] Minimal version CS-Cart 4.11.1
[~] Removed old menu items leading to the translation page.

v2.0.2 from 23 December 2019

Bug fixes:
[!] The "Product Variations" addon. On the product page in the variation selection block, the attributes alt andtitle of the images were generated incorrectly. Fixed.

v2.0.1 from 12 November 2019

Bug fixes:
[!] Fixed compatibility with "AB: Landing categories/pages" addon starting from version 1.8.0;
[!] When replacing the values of the atl andtitle attributes of the img tag, extra spaces appeared. Fixed.

v2.0.0 from 02 June 2019

Feature additions:
[+] added UpgradeCenter/Connector for the next updates;
[+] Added compatibility with CS-Cart 4.10.*;

v1.1 from 26 December 2018

[+] Added a new privilege - "View Help";
[+] Added a new privilege - "View Help";

v1.0 from 15 April 2016

[+] Create addon;